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Noble Fir - Valley View Christmas Trees

Noble Fir

The Noble has a lovely branch shape and a rich deep green color. Like the Fraser Fir, the Noble has good spacing between branches so it’s easy to hang ornaments and decorations.

Douglas Fir - Valley View Christmas Trees

Douglas Fir

A Douglas Fir makes a beautiful, very filled out, Christmas tree. If the shaping is too conical, then the branches may grow very close together and placing ornaments can be difficult.

Grand Fir - Valley View Christmas Trees

Grand Fir

The Grand Fir is a pretty tree that has a glossy dark green color and is soft to the touch. Having branches that are less firm, it may not hold heavier ornaments and decorations.

Nordmann Fir - Valley View Christmas Trees


The Nordmann Fir is a wonderful holiday tree! It has soft glossy dark green needles that do not drop readily when the tree dries out. Branches have ample spacing between them.

Holiday Wreaths - Valley View Christmas Trees


We offer fresh holiday wreaths with striking colors and wonderful embellishments. Visit any of our Christmas Tree lots to purchase one and brighten your home today!

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Our Farm


Located in Junction City, Oregon, Valley View Tree Farm has been growing & harvesting Christmas trees since 1980.

As a dedicated family operation, Valley View Farm is committed to providing you & your family with an enjoyable experience in your pursuit of the perfect Christmas tree.

This year, we’ll have over 60,000 trees for harvest, with a great variety of sizes and types, including: Noble fir, Douglas fir, Nordmann fir, and Grand fir. We also harvest pumpkins each fall to sell at our various lot locations.

Valley View Farm grows and brings to you only the best quality trees. We control the harvest and cut trees just in time for shipment to our Arizona lots. Because we spend 10-12 years growing our trees from 6″ seedlings, we take better care of our cut inventory than any other retail outlet.

If you’re interested in acquiring a number of our trees for wholesaling, please visit our wholesale information page.